Profhilo ®is indicated for the treatment of skin laxity to the face and difficult to treat areas such as neck, décolletage, hands, back or arms and knees. The technology of Profhilo® is completely different from other Dermal Fillers on the market, with the highest concentration of Hyaluronic acid per ml. This sinks into the skin counteracting skin laxity through a Bioremodelling action of collagen and elastin fibres in the dermal matrix. The hyaluronic acid in profhilo® has a long-lasting, slow release mode of action which ultimately hydrates, lifts and tightens the skin giving it a natural luminosity and healthy glow.
Profhilo® is an injectable treatment carried out in 2 sessions, with a one-month interval. The treatment is repeated once every 3 months, alternatively at 6 months with the 2 treatments spaced 4 weeks apart.

How long does the procedure take?

This treatment is quick and simple taking about 15 minutes to carry out the procedure.

Does it hurt?

The treatment involves 10 tiny injections per area being treated. It is a relatively painless procedure; a local anaesthetic can be applied beforehand if required.

What will my skin look like after the treatment?

Following treatment with Profhilo®, there will be bumps on the skin where the product has been injected, these normally disappear within 2 – 24 hours.

How long will results last?

Results of Profhilo last about 6 months, when the treatment regime needs to be repeated.

Profilo treatment in poole