PlaSon Skin Treatment

Award winning Plason combines ultrasound technology and plasma energy to effectively target acne, inflammation, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, skin regeneration and collagen production. It is a non-invasive, quick and pain free treatment, with no down-time and has an outstanding effect on skin sterilization, product absorption, regeneration, anti-aging, pigmentation and elasticity.

Plason treatments can be used alone with either the Plasma Poration (plasma energy) or Sono Poration (ultrasound) function, preferably the treatment combines both technologies.
Plason is particularly effective for the treatment of acne and can be used on any skin type, and unlike other devices can be used in conjunction with Roaccutane as well as most other acne medications. It can be used on teenage skin, please note under 18’s require parental approval. It offers an alternative, less invasive method for skin boosting and microneedling treatments that would normally require needling or injecting into the skin.
Plason is CE-cleared and completely non-ablative, meaning it does not impact the skin or tissue. There are no side effects or downtime.
PlaSon Skin Treatment Machine
Plason Facial Treatment in use
PlaSon Facial Treatment by Harbourside Clinic
PlaSon Acne Treatment

How does PlaSon work?

  • Active Acne
    Plasma energy creates radicals which are unstable. In order to stabilize, these radicals attach to acne bacteria molecules causing the molecules to break and turn into carbon dioxide and water, this sterilises the acne bacteria. The treatment also reduces sebum / oil production by 25%
  • Anti-aging
    The Plasma Poration (or plasma shower) handpiece uses electrically-charged plasma ions to correct imbalances in the membrane potential of aged cells. This tightens the cellular membrane and restores the normal operation of cells, which works to firm up and increase the elasticity of loose, aging skin. Plasma energy treats pigmentation by breaking down and scattering melanin.
  • Collagen Remodelling
    Plason stimulates blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, as well as fibroblasts, and new more elastic collagen for remodelling. This process strengthens the skin’s elasticity resulting in a supple and more youthful-looking appearance.
  • Infusion & product absorption
    The Plasma Poration handpiece creates channels in the skin by temporarily disrupting cellular adhesion molecules. The Sonoporation hand piece produces ultrasound waves which pushes the flow of carefully selected serums into the dermis. This stimulates fibroblasts and enhances the skin's elasticity, whilst facilitating the discharge of melanin and impurities from the dermis.
Plason Acne Treatment
The cellular adhesion molecules take 4-6 hours to close following a Plason treatment, therefore it is important to follow aftercare advice and avoid touching the skin or applying anything to the treated area during this time frame.
For ultimate results we recommend a course of 6 Plason infusion treatments which combines the plasma shower with the ultrasound infusion. The choice of serum is carefully selected to target, acne, pigmentation, ageing skin, wrinkles and dry skin.
For teenage spots / acne we recommend a combined course of 3 plasma shower and 3 ultrasound infusion treatments


  • Plason shower: – £65
  • Plason Infusion:
  • Face – £100
  • Face and Neck – £130
  • Purchase a course of 6 for the price of 5
  • Add on price for microdermabrasion, Dermaplaning or LED – £20

Commonly asked Questions

Is Plason safe?

Plason is CE cleared and completely non ablative meaning it does not impact the skin or tissue. There are no side effects or downtime.

How quickly will I see the results?

Results can be seen after just 1 treatment, to get your desired results we recommend consulting with your technician.

How long are the treatments?

Plasma Poration (plasma shower) tend to last 5-10 minutes
Plasma Sonoporation ( Ultrasound infusion) take around 30-40 minutes

Are there any side effects?

Common side effects include slight redness lasting up to 30 minutes, and weeping of acne pustules

Is there anything I should do before and after the treatment?

Active products containing ingredients such as retinol, glycolic and slaycilic should be avoided for 48 hours before and after your treatment .
Avoid putting any products (including makeup) on the skin for 4-6 hours after the treatment unless supplied by your practitioner
Try not to exercise for 4-6 hours afterwards.
A comprehensive aftercare advice sheet will be given at your appointment.