Mesotherapy treatment delivers anti-ageing ingredients directly into the skin to stimulate fibroblasts, collagen, elastin and the skins own hyaluronic acid. Mesotherapy contain hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, growth factors, vitamins and minerals. Here at the harbourside Aesthetic Clinic we combine the eDS / electronic Derma stamp and mesotherapy solution such as Endocare Growth Factor Concentrate, Genuine Dermaroller hyaluronic acid and the gold standard RRS solution. This procedure delivers specific anti-ageing ingredients directly into the dermis of this skin. Each mesotherapy solution is cherry picked to suit your skins needs.

The Harbourside High Five

This luxury treatment is the ultimate rejuvenating boost, giving you a cocktail of treatments to quench skin.
The blend of five treatments leaves your skin with a noticeable glow, looking and feeling softer, brighter smoother. There is no downtime with this treatment which takes 50 minutes.
1: Microdermabrasion to exfoliate and polish the skin.
2: Mesotherapy: the skin infusion/cocktail is placed very superficially into the dermis via gentle microneedling to target many aspects of anti-ageing requirements and stimulate collagen.
3 & 4: Carefully selected sheet mask will infuse serums into the skin. The Neo elegance facelift pro combines electrical muscle stimulation and massage, this is used on top of the sheet mask to stimulate muscle tightening and push serums even further into the skin.
5: LED, transforming the skin from within, the chosen wavelength is carefully selected for your skin offering, brightening, hydration, reduction in spots and redness, skin firming stimulation of collagen and much more.

Endocare Growth factor Facial

The Endocare growth factor facial is an intensive collagen boosting treatment. The invigorating and intense treatment boosts collagen in three ways, combining intensive Endocare growth factors serums with micro needling and a lift and sculpt massage. There is no down time following this treatment, skin will have a noticeable fresh, radiant complexion with visible results after just one treatment. For more intense results, a course of three treatments can be delivered two weeks apart. This is a Comfortable procedure which takes approximately 50 minutes