Professional skin treatments lift the skin to a new level of health with immediate effects being seen after the first treatment. These are clinical treatments which are gentler than the more intense Chemical Peels. Facials can be a stand-alone treatment or a course of 6 may be recommended for best results. All of our skin treatments at the Harbourside Aesthetic Clinic are individually tailored for each person to target specific concerns. This may be a single modality or a combination of MicrodermabrasionLED and Dermaplaning.

Image Enzyme Peels and Professional Skin Treatments.

Ormedic Lift

This enzyme peel is suitable for pregnancy, teenagers, sensitive and combination skin. Containing a blend of pumpkin, pineapple, papaya, passion fruit and mango enzymes, as well as organic aloe vera based peptides. The Ormedic lift is a non-chemical peel for balancing, regenerating and restoring the skin. Comfrey stem cells promote the skins own stem cells for a youthful, brighter, clearer complexion.

The O2 Lift

This 2-stage luxurious skin care treatment is suitable for pregnancy, teenagers and sensitive skin. The skin is exfoliated with plant derived stem cells, peptides and a high concentration of enzymatic botanicals. Following this a fizzy oxygenating mask infuses oxygen into the skin leaving it luminous, refreshed and rejuvenated.

LED Facial

This facial combines microdermabrasion and LED to deeply cleanse and treat the skin at a cellular level. Carefully selected skin products are used with a lift and sculpt massage, leaving the skin illuminated, brighter and soft to touch.

Boost any of our facial treatments with Luxury Image Anti-ageing or Hydrating Biomolecular Sheet Mask. Infused with highly oxygenated volcanic magma water and natural mineral essence. This next-generation hydrogel technology allows the mask to breathe and trap moisture, helping active ingredients absorb deeper into the skin. Firms, lifts and revitalises the skin.